Hi, I’m a street photographer. Welcome to my gallery. I can’t pinpoint the exact moment when street photography grabbed me. It was more of an evolutionary process. 

I grew up in the ‘60’s in Holbrook, Arizona, a way-station along historical Route 66. Traveling was different, people stopped more and wandered about. Watching humanity at this level was something that came naturally to me and the cars were pretty awesome too. 

Along the way I’ve learned valuable lessons from talented photographers like Peter Turnley, Eric Kim, Steve Simon and Al Satterwhite by participating in their workshops in New York, Hanoi, Tokyo, Havana, Lisbon,  Mexico City and Los Angeles.   I was particularly inspired by Vivian Meyer’s work and her incredible life story. 

My personal projects include music and tattoo festivals and motorcar events. One particular project, “La Vie en Rouge (Life through Red Colored Glasses)” has been a multi-year, multiple location project that, for reasons you will discover when you check out the gallery, ended with start of the pandemic. 

Covid radically changed my approach to street photography.  My photographic world shrunk to drivable distances. I made forays into various locations within Los Angeles and the beaches of southern California and started planning a website to showcase some of my work. I’m not giving up on street photography travel and hope to get back “on the road” in 2022 and beyond. 

My goal is to capture a small slice of humanity that happens in a split second and is gone forever, what Henri’ Cartier Bresson called, “the decisive moment.” I hope you enjoy my work. I am including my contact information and would love to hear from you with any comments you may have or inquiries about purchasing prints. 

Thank you,


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